for prospective daycares, preschools, childcare centres

Contact Person:
Role (manager, owner, director):


-         What is the age range?

-         Are there any openings?

-         Is there a waiting list? How long?

-         Hours of operation?

       Quality Issues:

-         Are they licensed as a child care center?

-         How long have they been in business?

-         How many children are currently enrolled?

-         What is the licensing capacity? (How many children are they legally allowed to have enrolled)

-         What is the ratio of staff to children?

-         What kind of education and experience do staff have?

-         Is parent participation encouraged?

-         Do they have an Open Door Policy or do parents need to schedule times to drop in and see their child?


      -     What are the fees for each age category? (Often infant and toddler care is more expensive)

        -    Does the fee include meals? Snacks?

        -    Is there still a charge when a child is sick? On vacation?

        -    Extra fees such as supply fees? Registration fees? Late fees?

        -    Is subsidy available?


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