Centre Observation Checklist

(Print 3 pages)

Daily Routines:

-         Children greeted warmly upon arrival

-         Warning children of upcoming transitions (“5 minutes until snack time”)

-         Meal and snack times relaxed and pleasant, yet organized

-         Nap times relaxed- space available for children who don’t nap

-         Consistent routine while allowing flexibility for individual circumstances

-         Field trips or enrichment activites part of the program


-         Areas for quiet play and reading provided

-         Books/ library accessible

-         Art supplies available

-         Pretend play / housekeeping area available

-         Blocks, puzzles and games available

-         Toys that are age appropriate and in good condition

-         Interesting age appropriate activities

-         Outdoor play area- equipment in good condition, safe, fenced and litter free

-         Surfaces disinfected during the day

-         Safety gates in use

-         Medicines, poisons and cleaners locked away

-         First aid kit

-         Smoke detectors

-         Covered heaters and / or radiators

-         Good light, heat / air conditioning and ventilation

-         Alternate fire escape or exit

-         Emergency procedures and evacuation routes established, posted and practiced?


-         Individual attention given to children without favoritism

-         Use calm voices

-         Are attentive to children’s needs

-         Good supervision

-         Are patient

-         Listen to the children when they speak

-         React calmly to children’s disagreements and assist children to help resolve the issue

-         Use gentle touch

-         Try to redirect children’s activities when needed

-         Nurturing

-         Follow a positive approach to discipline through education rather than punishment

-         Have required first aid training

-         Involved in continuing education programs

-         Seem interact well together.


-         Children look happy

-         Children are encouraged to explore the environment and provided choices

-         Each child has a consistent primary caregiver or group of primary caregivers

-        Opportunities provided for parent and educator communication and information exchange

-         Opportunities for parents to meet and be involved in group activities

-         Security policies and procedures implemented and evaluated regularly

After the Visit

-         Were you given a comprehensive packet of information on the center?

-         Were the staff open and responsive to your questions?

-         Do you have any unanswered questions?


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